Saturday, May 29, 2010


Flos Snoopy Table Lamp
Designed: Achille Castiglioni, 1967
Manufacturer: Flos

The Flos Snoopy table lamp by Achille Castiglioni is a superbly executed work of art/lamp; it features our favorite material; Italian Carrara marble. Carrara is a town in the Italian Alps. The marble (Michelangelo's favorite) from this area has been used in Italy since Roman times.

Snoopy was designed in 1967 by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Snoopy is a unique and fun table lamp that provides direct light. The table lamp has an enamelled black metal reflector, white Italian Carrara marble base and integral touch dimmer.

• Material: Metal, steel, Carrera Marble.
• Size: 14.5" h x 16" d
• Bulb: 1 X 100W

I am really surprised this lamp has no real following that i know of/hype. I was just browsing through a Mod furniture site maybe a month ago & there it was. The snoopy lamp designed to emulate Snoopy by Charles Shultz. How weird. I don't know what it is about it. But, what I think is great about it:

• The overall design is somewhat organic, minimalistic, well balanced & unfussy.
• Uncommon, thus a lot less predictable.
• Incorporates marble in a an innovative way.
• Still manufactured & can be had for $850-980 (not cheap, but somewhat obtainable).

Hmmm, I am sure there are other things. Moral of the story is I would like just two, I think they would make great bedside lamps. However one would be okay with me as well. I just wish they were available with a white shade instead of black. I like the black even so. Even better, a white shade with a black marble base & a white knob. Mmmm. Maybe I will have to photoshop one up. BTW, the green one is a vintage FLOS production. Not sure what other colors they were originally available in either. Green seems to be the only color that pops up when I try to internet research. If you have any additional information regarding this lamp please let me know. TTFN.

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