Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Can I say OMG. I have been hung-up albums before, this is nothing new. Admittedly in past few months I have come to absolutely adore T.Rex & Marc Bolan.

T.Rex - Tanx is where it's at. Originally released in 1973 on Edsel Records. The reissue, remastered and expanded 2 CD digipak was released in 2002 on Demon, Edsel, Rhino. It features the original album plus 7 bonus tracks & an additional 19 tracks of demos & alternate versions with 16 page color booklet packaged in a plastic slipcase. Listening to this album you get the feeling every single tune is well crafted unique pop gem. I always think to myself this entire album is better than listening to a greatest hits album by other popular music artists. My only real comparison to this is the fact each tune is single worthy. By the way I don't condone greatest hits, I think they are a lame cope-out. This is not what the artist envisioned it & bastardizes the whole thing. That being said, the fact that every tune is single worthy doesn't merit a good album by any means. Underground rubbish is at least half my listen. Anyway, T. Rex never had any real success in U.S. for reasons I have yet to discover. Even when I do, I don't think I'll quite understand it. Marc is a lyrical genius (most don't make sense but sound great. Style or substance sometimes). However in the U.K. their success reached climaxed to the level of the Beatles. I am no great fan of the Beatles, but I can I appreciate their sound. However, T.Rex was really compared to David Bowie & Ziggy Stardust which I have been a long time fan of. I openly admit in my book Marc Bolan kicked Ziggy out the Glam-Rock thrown about 1 year ago when I first received the Electric Warrior album. It would have been sooner still, but as we all know some good things go undiscovered for much to long. But when you get it, it gets you! You know what I'm talkin about bitches! How any times a year does this come out of your mouth, "why did i didn't I ever know this existed?". Son of a whore. Peeling back the layers of the musical onion as some say. Back on track this raging phenomena was referred to as T.Rextacy! Ha, I know.

You should purchase this album immediately. Wait this sounds like a promotions excerpt. Well it's only my opinion, okay whatever. The remastered version includes 20th Century Boy which should be reason enough to buy this gem. That aside Electric Slim & the Factory Hen is my most likely candidate for best track on the Tanx album.
As I stated before each song IS a gem on this album. Therefore this album is encrusted. You love it. T.Rextacy for life. R.I.P Marc Bolan. TTFN.

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